Modules are smart contracts that extend the functionality of the 0xSplits protocol. The modules included in these docs were built by the 0xSplits team and are all available in the app, however, anyone can create their own modules since they exist independently of the protocol. Drop us a note to share what you've built, we'd love see how you're extending Splits.

  • Waterfall – set the order in which different accounts get paid; works well with Splits & Mutable Splits
  • Liquid Splits – use NFTs (ERC-1155) to make ownership in a Split transferrable between accounts
  • Vesting – stream multiple, isolated streams of tokens to an address over a set period of time; works well with Mutable Splits

These modules all started as ideas from the community so let us know what else you'd like to see included. You can reach out on the dev-support channel in Discord if you have questions or want to discuss ways to integrate.