Getting Started
Creating Splits

Creating Splits


Integratating into your own product or contracts? See the Smart Contracts and SDK sections.

To get started head to and select "Split" from the new contract page. There are 3 types of Splits you can create.

  • Immutable Split: the Recipients are permanently fixed and can never be changed by anyone
  • Mutable Split: the Controlling Address may change the Split at any time
  • Liquid Split: each Recipient can manage their ownership in the Split using NFTs


Once you've selected the Split type, you can enter in each Recipient's address (ENS or hex) and their corresponding ownership. Since a Recipient doesn't need to withdraw for itself, you may enter any payable address—user wallets, smart contracts, and other Splits are all acceptable.

New Split Recipients

Distribution Incentive

This is the percent of the Split's balance paid to whoever distributes it. You can think of it as a "payment processing fee". Leaving this to a positive number allows your Split to be "automated" since it creates an incentive for third parties to distribute balances for Recipients. By default this is set to 1% but you may remove it (by setting it to 0%) or increase it (the maximum is 10%).

New Mutable Split

Tip: Once you've filled out the Recipients section, you will see an estimate of when it becomes profitable for a third party to distribute the funds for Recipients. If you're not sure what value to use, we recommend leaving it at the default setting of 1.00%. Learn more

Controlling Address

This section only applies to Mutable Splits. The Controlling Address has the ability to modify the Recipients, Distribution Incentive, Controlling Address, and even make the Split immutable. The Controlling Address may be any account (EOA, Gnosis Safe, smart contract, etc). Learn more

New Mutable Split

Contract Address

This section only applies to Immutable Splits. The Contract Address is the address at which this Immutable Split, according to the Recipients and Distribution Incentive set above, will be deployed. This address will change if you update the Recipients or Distribution Incentive. You may send crytocurrencies to this address prior to creating the Split, however, to withdraw tokens the Split will need to be deployed.

New Mutable Split