Getting Started
Creating Splits

Creating Splits


Integratating into your own product or contracts? Check out the Smart Contracts and SDK sections.

To get started head to (or hit the ➕ button in the nav) and just add each Recipient's address (ENS or hex) and their corresponding share. Since Recipients don't need to withdraw for themselves, a Recipient can be any payable Ethereum address—user wallets, smart contracts, and other Splits are all acceptable.

New Split Recipients

There are two additional parameters you can (optionally) modify: the Distribution Incentive, and the Split Type.

Distribution Incentive

This allows Splits to be distributed automatically, without you or any of the Recipients having to worry about it. The incentive is the percent of the balance rewarded to whoever pays the gas needed to distribute the balance. This creates an arbitrage opportunity (when the cost to distribute is less than the reward), which causes bots & third parties to automatically distribute balances for Recipients. Balances must only be distributed once for all Recipients to claim their share.

New Mutable Split

Tip: Once you've filled out the Recipients section, we give you an estimate of when a bot/third will distribute the balance (i.e., when it's profitable for anyone to distribute the funds for Recipients). If you're not sure what value to use, we recommend leaving it at the default setting of 1.00%. Learn more

Split Type

Splits can either be Immutable (the default option) or Mutable. Once deployed, Immutable Splits can never be changed by anyone. Mutable Splits, on the other hand, can be changed at any time by the Controller. The Controller has the ability to modify the Recipients and Distribution Incentive, and even transfer control to someone else or remove the Controller entirely (thereby making the Split Immutable). The Controller can be any account (EOA, multisig, smart contract with custom logic, etc). Learn more

New Mutable Split

Keep in mind that larger Splits will require more gas. Mutable Splits will also require slightly more gas to deploy. Gas estimates can be found here.