0xSplits is a trustless, composable, gas-efficient protocol for splitting onchain income. Running exactly at gas cost and charging no fees whatsoever, it takes the form of a hyperstructure that can run for free, forever, without any maintenance or trusted third parties. The protocol is open-source and audited.

Basic Overview Flow

At the core of the protocol are Splits and Recipients. A Split is a payable smart contract that distributes ETH & ERC20 tokens proportionally among the Recipients. A Recipient is any address (i.e., externally owned account or smart contract like another Split) that receives a share of the Split's income. Whenever a Split receives income, each Recipient gets their share.

These docs are designed to be "progressively technical"—the further you read the more technical they become. If you're non-technical, new to Ethereum, or just want to understand how you can use 0xSplits today, start here and keep reading. If you're a developer looking for integration details, skip ahead to the Flow of Funds, Smart Contracts, and SDK sections.


  • Splits are fully composable on both input & output. Each Split is a payable smart contract that can directly receive ETH & ERC20s from any EOA or SC. Each Recipient is also just an Ethereum address (EOA or SC) for which third-parties may execute withdrawals.
  • Splits maximize gas efficiency by commingling funds and batching & incentivizing expensive operations. The gas needed to distribute funds for all Recipients is borne by ownership or covered by a third party, eliminating dust and allowing even the smallest Recipient to withdraw their share.
  • Each Split exists entirely onchain and the actions necessary for the protocol to operate are open to everyone. With no trusted third parties, upgradable contracts, or infrastructure dependencies, you can rely on Splits to operate—exactly as they do today—for as long as Ethereum exists.


Splits are valuable whenever you want to allocate percentages of onchain income to different parties. We believe a composable, gas-optimized, easy-to-use splitter contract is an important primitive that will help usher in a new wave of onchain collaboration & giving back. Here are a few ways 0xSplits is being used today:

  • Onchain Collaboration: Income from minting NFTs & royalties from secondary sales can be pointed to a Split's address. From then on, each Recipient will receive their portion of future income without the need for any manual disbursements or ongoing maintenance.
  • Giving Back: Rather than listing a single donation address for an open source project and trusting one of the contributors to disperse the proceeds, you may simple create a Split and have all donations be automatically distributed amongst the contributors. The developers may also grant a multisig the ability to modify the Split, allowing them change the Split's composition in the future as contributors change.


We believe Splits introduce a novel way to fund public goods, so we're testing it on itself. If you'd like to support the protocol, all you have to do is add donations.0xsplits.eth as a Recipient in the Splits you create. This contract is itself a Split, which gives back to the communities that have supported the protocol's development to date. You can check out the Split here.

Join us on Discord to learn more and share feedback. We're a small, funded, and growing team focused on this full time and would love to hear from you.